Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our two old timers

What better way to bring in a weekend full of good times than with a picture of our two old grumpers? This picture is a rare treat, because for the most part these two usually just putter around doing their own thing, grumbling, talking about how things used to be, and ignoring everyone else. While the younger pups run around, chase each other, and live it up, these two like to take it slow and don't really get involved with all the crazyness. You would think that this would bring them closer together and make them BFF's, but you would be wrong. They are each an island onto island that only accepts canine AARP members, hehehe. So, a picture where it looks like they are mingling (even if it is a lie) is something to be treasured.

Hope you enjoy your weekend! We are off the Reston Pet Fiesta on Saturday which should be an awesome good time. Pictures to come.


  1. I could not imagine more adorable and sweet dogs.