Monday, May 7, 2012

Reston Pet Fiesta

This past Saturday we took the Reston Pet Fiesta by storm. We had a great time and met up with a lot of friends. It was a great event full of lots of dogs, people, vendors and treats. All the dogs had an amazing time. We also took part in our doggy school's "Hounds on the Town" event.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Mr. Flash is up at the front and a little further down the line you can see Maria and Rosie with their Mom.
We are practicing our "down and stay" technique
Kathy is the lady on the left hand side with the red shirt. 
She is our instructor and was very impressed with our skills!

 Here we are doing a trust exercise.
Most dogs don't usually like to walk over grates, but in this exercise we are asking
them to follow us and trust that we are not going to let anything bad happen to them.
Rosie and Maria are doing an excellent job and don't seem to mind at all.
 In this picture Dottie, Alven and I are getting ready to take our turn at the trust exercise.
Everyone looks confident and ready to go!

Dottie seems to be having some second thoughts about this plan of mine.
She isn't quite sure about what is going on with this strange floor situation.
Alven is doing well and really just worried about getting to the other side and getting a treat.
Dottie is sure that I have lost my mind and she needs to be very careful.

 We all managed to survive the trust exercise (much to Dottie's surprise) which was a very good thing, because afterwards we met up with our friend Allison and her pup Tessa.
Tessa is a big love muffin and a new BFF.
She was excellent and looked super cute as she and her mom wore matching neon.
We can't wait to hang out with these two, very cool, ladies again.


  1. This is a super fun thingy that you did.. well, the grate..not so much, butt everythingy else looks fun to me.

  2. It is a huge improvement for Alven and for Dottie is just a new experience. That girl is not afraid of anything. It looks like everybody is having a great time.