Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mystery Case

Police were called out today to the scene of a violent duck attack. Those responsible for such a vicious crime have not yet been captured but two suspects have been identified.

The first one is described as male, short, red headed, fluffy tailed, said to be an evil genius and quite the ladies man. The second one is described as female, blond, strangely proportioned, and draws people in by pretending to be friendly but also a bit "slow."

If u see these two in your area you are to hide your stuffed animals and contact the authorities immediately.


  1. Hahahahaha! That's quite the stuffie carnage!

  2. Are you SURE the culprit doesn't live in a tree and eats nuts???

  3. and you can tell by the crispy fabric that the poor duck lasted less that 5 min after it came in the house. It did not have a chance...The house of horror!