Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Doing a little doggy photo session can sometimes be quite the undertaking. Especially when I'm on my own and they would rather be doing something else. This is when I have to become a master multi-tasker. I have to hold the camera, hold the treat, position my subjects, get their attention with said treat, and take the picture all before they get bored and go off to eat a worm.

There are times though where I manage to get their attention a little too well while using treats and I end up with the following bloopers:


  1. BaaaaaWaaaaah Ernie and I LOVE to do that to mom and dad. They get all Flustered and that is soooooooo funny to see.

  2. Hey! That looks like almost ALL of the fotos my momma takes. Her has learned to crop-out those of us who are looking all wonky

  3. It is good to know that you have to work hard for the perfect shut like the rest of us