Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being Sexy Can Be So Much Work

This weekend I was super busy. I was out on the town mingling with my admirers and saying hi to the ladies. I did a lot of hand shaking, a lot of giving kisses and a lot of treat taking. Then on Sunday I went hiking. You would think that in the middle of the woods I might find some peace, but even there I was tracked down by those that find me irresistible. I was stopped over and over again by people wanting to talk about my good looks, my luxurious hair, and just tell me how overall sexy I am (which is way obvious anyway). So now I am left exhausted, still super sexy, but exhausted. This Casanova is going to have to call it an early night just to try and muster up the energy to start a new week.

Sure my dashing good looks are a blessing, but sometimes they can also be a burden.


  1. Alven, it's such a burden being sexy...but you do it so well.

  2. Alven, being sexy is hard work, but someone has to be burdened with it.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Alven, I love this picture. If you and Lulu were in the same room I just don't know if the world could handle that much sexy.

  4. But you make it look soooo easy. Y are the master and adorable.