Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Superheroes

The holiday season is now behind us, and Mom started taking apart our tree and decorations, but before she put everything in the boxes she had one last set of pictures to take...

Dottie the Christmas Superhero!
She fights on behalf of dog's who don't receive proper Christmas treats and gifts.
Don't be concerned with her unwilling appearance/look-of-despair...she likes wearing the tree skirt...kind of.

Alven the Doggy Christmas Wreath!

Here to protect all wreath's against post-holiday destruction.
Thanks to Grandma Lourdes who sent us this wreath from Orlando, FL (that explains the Disney theme)


  1. Alven & Dottie - you look fabulous. And festive. Yep, definitely festive!! I bet mom uses those for Christmas card pictures next year!

  2. Get revenge Dottie and Alven and learn from Flash. They know better with him. He had been thru so many of these "I think is funny" that now he knows when it is coming and..catch me if you can.