Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class is in session

Good morning class. My name is Professor Mr. Flashy Pants, or Professor the Pants, whichever you prefer. I have brought my trusty globe with me today for our lesson plan. As you can see here on the globe is a country called Australia. This is where I have decided my dad and I are going to go to get away from all of the crazy people we are forced to live with. In this Australia we will finally be able to spend the rest of our days together taking naps, eating biscuits, and going for walks. It is going to be amazing. Oh, and it will also be re-named soon to "Flash and Dad land." We're just waiting for the papers to go through. Now the reason I'm showing you where this place is located is not so you can come and visit us (Mom!) it's so that you can see that it is completely surrounded by water. This makes it completely impenetrable since swimming is very dangerous and you will most surely die if you attempt it. Dad however is very smart and will find a way to get us there safely and we will live there forever having good times and not being bothered by anyone. Now, I will not tell you lies and say words of missing you, or that we will see each other again. This is not meant to be. However, I am willing to send back postcards of us having said good times so that you can see that we are well. Okay that was all I wanted to say. Class is dismissed.


  1. Professor F. Pants.. I see that you have styled your... wardrobe after Ohio State Univ. President E. Gordon Gee's Love of the Bow Tie!!! Or should I call it a Bow Wow Tie.
    Excellent Lesson. I enjoyed it very much.
    will this be a full Series of Lectures??? Will there be a TEST???

  2. You warned me, but yet I was unprepared. I can't handle it. Too cute!!

    Aunt Natalia

  3. ooooh, r u really going to australia?? :) b

  4. I do not see any pants, then for me your are professor bow tie.
    Professor bow let me tell you that we got the drill and we hope you know that the main way of transportation is by kangaroos and it will be a little bumpy but you are a perfect fit for the pouch. it most be very cozy. Also you are going to have very bad temper neighbors that looks like huge turkeys and they are going to chase you to eat you. they are no friendly there.
    Anyway professor bow tie i hope you already know all this little detail about Australia because you are after all professor bow.