Monday, June 20, 2011


For the last month or two we have been spending our Sunday's at the park having awesome times! We are now taking agility classes and we are not too shabby if we do say so ourselves. Well...our parents are kind of embarrassing, but we're super good at it. Like there's any surprise there. Teehee...

Here I am relaxing before it's my turn inside the agility course

Here are Alven and Dad going inside the course when it's their turn

The take off was superb. Here you can see Alven just finishing his first
jump as they head for the table

Here they go getting ready for another jump. Alven
looks like he's definitely concentrating

Here he is coming out of the chute.

And here he is blowing Dad off instead of doing the tire. Haha!

Then it was my turn. Here I am doing the weaves super awesome!

Here I am coming down the teeter. Goodness I look good...

Here Mom is dragging me back to the tunnel after I decided I would
rather eat the grass. She is so bossy sometimes!

Here I am mid jump. Wow that was impressive.

Maria comes to agility too, and Mom has something even better than pictures. She has a video! But we are still waiting for permission from Aunt Natalia before we can show it on the blog...but here she is during her turn this past weekend. That's Aunt Natalia in the hat.

Rosie comes to agility too. She is supposed to be our cheerleader, but she just sits in the car and looks all grumpers. She has to work on her cheery part of cheerleader.

P.S. We don't have very good pictures of Flash doing his agility, but we'll make sure to take some next weekend and share them.


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but I doubt the video will make the ligt of day!

    Aunt Natalia

  2. Dottie, you and Alven look awesome on the agility course.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Here is a cheer I have been working on, let me know if you like it Aunt Sandra:

    Take me (withering grumpers snaggle tooth look)


  4. OMD OMD... this is grrrrreat. I love how you did all the pawts of the course... that are Impawtant.. TO YOU!! I think you made good decisions. heheehe
    PeeS.. your mom and dad aren't too bad at it either. I'm just sayin.

  5. ROSIE... CHeer Leader... you are supposed to be the CHeer Leader... not the Jeer Leader.. I am sure you just misunderstood. BooYa BooYa
    Sis Boom Bah

  6. that is a great way the spend the sunny day. it looks challenging and a lot of fun.