Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A visit to Old Town Manassas

I took a trip to Old Town Manassas. I heard a train came through.

I thought I'd take the train and go for a little adventure so I sat and I waited.

I waited for a long time, but the train never came...

I guess I'll have to wait for another day to have my adventure


  1. Good thingys are WORTH waiting fur.. Or so I have been told.
    Love the pictures. Very pretty place.

  2. This was Flash's plan A1 for how I could get lost the quickest. He said it would be a great adventure and that I would be missed. He told me it would come very soon, and to make sure they didn't miss me, to sit right on the tracks to wait for it. He was positive I couldn't mess it up, but somehow I did because I never got to go on the train and start the adventure he promised. He was very disappointed to see me come home again after the train failed to show up. He is now on to plan A2, which he says is fool-proof.

  3. Be sure to discuss the A2 plan in full and in detail with Flash because if it is something similar to the train plan we, for sure, are going to miss you and it is going to be a huge mess. Ask Flash to make some sketches of you before and after, just to be sure that you are all in it with him.
    I almost cried seeing the Innocent of you waiting for that train. Very moving pictures.