Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Strange Encounters

The other day Mom let me tag along on a shopping trip. We were going to the store to buy some more food for me and the rest of the pups so she said I could come and help carry the bag. She is so silly, because as we all know I don't do menial labor. Well on the way to get the food we passed this one store and I saw the craziest thing. Two pups inside a human store!

I could not believe my peepers. I thought dogs weren't allowed inside people stores. I tried making friends with them through the window, but they were not very friendly. They just sat there and stared right past me. So rude! I even tried again and mentioned how I liked her sparkly collars, but no dice. Obviously they were not very well socialized as puppies. Whatever! I didn't even really want to be their friend. Who wears five billion collars at the same time anyway?

Here I am giving them the cold shoulder back:

After that Mom and I left and headed to the doggy store to buy my food. I had a good time at the store and smelled lots of things and tried to eat stray kibbles from underneath the shelves. All in all a successful trip. On they way home we passed a building that had the scariest looking pet I have ever seen.

What is up with the strange animals in Virginia? Can you imagine the poop bag his owner must need? Back in Orlando we didn't have nearly as many crazy pets walking around. It was a weird day...


  1. You don't need those kind of friends. You always have Alven!



  2. ooh me likes to shop n snitch food too! :)

  3. Those were not Normal dawgs.. I'm thinkin maybe they were those Guard Dawgs and they are not like us. Kinda snooty or something.

  4. Hi Dottie
    We hope you left nose prints on the window, so the snooty dogs can't see outside.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Def weird! I think it is enough love there for all kind of pets.