Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Technical difficulties

Please enjoy this picture of Rosie brought to you by Mom's cell phone. It seems that after promising to keep up with our blogging she went ahead and "accidentally" spilled soy sauce all over her keyboard. There was much grumbling and muttering and angry looks. Mom was pretty upset too. Now the keyboard is a sticky mess, though it does smell kinda tasty. According to Mom she has to take the keys off and clean them up before we can use it again. Afraid to anger Flash and Rosie she promised to post from her phone. I guess it will have to do for now. The patience you need to have with humans sometimes. She acts like we didn't take her to training class. Oh well, we just need to harness our inner zen and carry on. Hopefully by tomorrow the keyboard will be back in working order. Perhaps we should volunteer to lick it clean...


  1. TOY Sauce???? I didn't know they made sauce for Toys.

  2. The question is what soy sauce was doing so close to the keyboard? and more important Why soy sauce? it looks as if not rules about food for mom and pop!