Monday, November 29, 2010

Made for one? We'll see about that.

Um...I know the chilly winter nights are arriving, but we do have indoor heat. There is no reason to jam themselves into a doggy bed made for one. I'm not even sure either one is actually comfortable. They are too silly. For Christmas I'll get them one doggy blanket to share in their one doggy bed.


  1. I am pretty sure that they are not comfortable, but one or the other got tired of waiting for the other one to leave the doggy bed. So he or she, decided that they would speed things along by cramming themselves into the doggy bed....And it didn't work. So its too late for them to leave, because then they would have relinquished rights to the doggy bed, so its a stale mate, with both parties saying how comfortable they are, while in reality there is a tail cramping on one side and an ear that is squished and has lost feeling on the other.

    Ah, doggy siblings are hilarious!

    Aunt Nati

  2. For sure no one wants to be THAT close to Alven's butt of their own free will. Or maybe Rosie is right and Dottie is a little "special"....hmm have to rethink this.

    PS- It's my turn next at the doggy bed!

    Cousin Maria

  3. We have the same issue at our house...and there are a dozen dog beds...yet everyone seems to want to smoosh together in one bed! lol! During the day, Mama put two dog beds in the for Xena & one for Schatzi. Well...Xena decided to pee in one...and snuggle in the other with Schatzi.

    So now... there is only one dog bed in the kitchen.

  4. haha! Milly and Shelby cram into impossible spots too.

  5. I have the hope that it is not about who get the upper hand but lets share this great bed. "it is not about is about you"
    Have a little faith in the goodness of this sweet puppies.