Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full Of The Thankfulness

We are back from our little holiday break, which was great. There was much mingling with family, sniffing of food, attempting to eat food, and giving lovey eyes at unsuspecting visitors. Mom said that this holiday was all about the thankfulness and we have a story to share that is just full of it.

On Friday, the day after thankfulness day, we were out with our mom and dad for our usual afternoon stroll. We were just ready to come back home when Dad decided he wanted to take Dottie for a final run around the block. Mom said it was a good idea and continued on with the boys. We were a block away from the house when Mom saw this big husky coming in our direction with no leash attached and no owner in sight. She immediately realized that this was a loose dog and she was currently holding on to two dog magnets. It must be our handsome faces, or something, because whenever Mom has come across loose dogs on the street they always take a direct route straight to us. All of a sudden Mom starts walking real fast. The kind of walking where you want to get somewhere real quick, but don't want to draw attention to yourself and the fact that you are doing that walk/running thing. Well she walk/runs herself to our yard, throws us in, then takes Flash's leash and runs off. All we see is her running back down the street and calling our Aunt Nati on the phone at the same time telling her to come out to the yard and let us in. As she runs back to where she saw the husky last she also sees Dad running back with Dottie. Guess who else saw them running? If you said the husky then you are correct. Now the husky runs across the street and right for Dottie and Dad. Not knowing if the stray dog has any dog issues Mom jumps in front of Dad and intercepts (she learned that move from me, Alven, and the way I try to intercept her when she drops food). This is all very James Bond/Wonder Woman-ish of Mom, but luckily the husky turns out to be a big giant marshmallow. She starts licking Mom's arms and being all silly. Mom loops the leash on her neck and the husky just starts walking next to her like they've known each other for years. This is when we see Mom and Dad start walking back to the house with the husky and Dottie. At first I was worried that I was getting a new sister because she looked like she eats more than her fair share of kibble and I was worried I'd have to share mine. Fortunately, they were only coming to drop Dottie off with Aunt Nati while they went to look for her owners and where she might have escaped from (but not until snapping a quick picture, of course).

After asking at a couple of houses, which directed them to other houses, which directed them to the right house, Mom and Dad found the husky's home. When her owner came to the door Mom asked if he recognized the dog. The man looks at the husky kind of confused like and then says, "DALLAS????" It seems that Miss Dallas must have dug herself out of the yard without her owner realizing it and met up with us a few blocks and a couple of street crossings later. Once her owner called her name she went up to him cool as can be and just waltzed back into the house. While she was a little dirty (and a little smelly) she didn't seem to think it had been anything but the bestest adventure ever. The man thanked Mom and Dad and they walked back to the house.

It was a day full of the thankfulness. Mom and Dad were thankful that they were able to help such a sweet girl. Her owner was thankful to get her back. Dallas was thankful for a great adventure we're sure. And we were thankful we weren't going to have to share our kibble with a new sister who could probably eat us under the table any day. A good time was had by all.


  1. It was an adventure for all of us I think. She was a total cutie pie.

    Aunt Nati

  2. That to prove that dogs also have angels taking care of them. Happy story.