Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're back and we're Virginians!

Hi everyone!

It feels great to be back! So much has happened and thanks to our mom we are super behind in our blog posting. A week before "The Big Virginia Move of 2010" Mom was feeling a bit overwhelmed since she had to pack up our whole house all by herself. Dad was working up until the last day so it was up to her to pack up all our doggy beds all by herself. I guess we do have a lot of beds and blankets so it took her quite a while. Then the big day arrived and it seemed like it all happened so fast. It was a three car caravan that took two days (Alven kept having us pull over so he could pee. Jeez Louise Alven get a diaper!). It was sad to leave our Grandma Lourdes behind but we promised to send her lots of pictures and a letter every week. She is also coming to visit us soon so it will be nice to see her again. After two days on the road we finally made it to our new home in Virginia. We are now living with our Aunt Natalia, Uncle Manny, cousin Maria, cousin Rosie and foster cousin Diva (in this post from a few months ago Mom gave them each a little intro). It is a full house but we were all excited to see each other and get started on this new chapter in our lives.

We were hoping that as soon as we arrived Mom would be able to help us get back to posting, but it took a few days to get everything moved from the truck to the house and then organized and we didn't even have internet on the computers. Finally this past week Mom was able to get internet and she promised that we would start up the blog again so here we are. We might not have been posting but Mom was still taking pictures so we have lots to share in the coming days. So much has happened and we are going on so many new adventures that we just can't wait to share them all with you. For now we thought we would post a picture of what our new pack looks like.

From left to right: Mom, Dottie, Diva, Aunt Natalia in the back, cousin Rosie in the front but feeling a bit camera shy, Uncle Manny in the back and cousin Maria in front of him, Alven, Dad and Flash

We are all getting along, though it took Flash a few days to come to terms with the fact that he now has three more doggy friends to get along with. Alven is super excited to meet some new ladies and is already trying to put his charm to good use. Dottie is happy to have made new friends and is looking forward to lots of playing and good times.

Mom says the three of us are adjusting well even though we have regressed in a few areas. Flash is a little more anxious and is a super velcro pup who follows Dad everywhere. The first few days if Dad had to leave Flash would cry and it took work to reassure him all was well. Fortunately, in the last few days he has gotten better and is starting to feel more comfortable when Dad needs to leave his side. Alven has had an accident or two in the house, but really we blame Mom for that because she forgot that she would probably need to let us out more often when we first got here. Dottie was doing great with her heeling back in Orlando, but there are so many new sites and smells here that she gets so excited and just can't be bothered to walk at a pace slower than a gallop. Mom says at times it feels like being back at square one, but is sure that in a short time she can get Dottie back to where she was in Florida.

We are having a great time and real enjoy having our cousins so close. The best part of our move though has been having a fenced in yard to run and play in. We just love, love, love our yard and would spend all day out there if we could! Pictures and a blog post on the yard to follow soon.

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  1. It looks like it is a lot to learn and adjust but give everybody time and everything will fall in place. My best wishes for all of you.
    More pups for the blog, that is good!