Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're back from up north!

I have returned from my visit up north where I met up with the sister and headed over to our cousin's wedding. Fun and good times where had by all. While I was excited to see my cousin again and be part of his wedding I have to admit I was even more excited about seeing my sister and her girls.

Maria is my sister's Dottie (please read: crazy, excitable, lovable, kiss fanatic) so I knew she would be happy to see me again as long as I was handing out the treats and the kisses.

This was also the first time I was seeing Rosie again since her eye surgery and I couldn't wait to look into those big brown eyes and know she was looking back at me. She is still wary of strangers but is making real progress in her socialization. I'm glad she is now officially part of the family.

I was also really looking forward to meeting Diva for the first time. She is Natalia's new foster and a real cutie pie. Diva is a former puppy mill dog used for breeding who was dumped, along with two other dogs, in the country once she was too old. She is still scared of many things, including strangers, but at the same time very curious. You can literally see her internal battle when she meets you. She wants to come and say hi, but she's scared as well. So she'll comes up slow, smell you, maybe lick your elbow, but then go back real quick. By our last day together she was finally letting me pet her on the side of her belly which I felt was a great honor. What she never was able to understand was my constant need to point a camera in her face. But who can blame me with a model like this? Well, maybe Diva can.

Here are some other great doggy pictures from the trip (those are the only kind I take).

Joe and I had a great time and loved spending time with the ladies. A great big thanks to Natalia, Manny, Maria, Rosie and Diva for showing us a good time!


  1. Welcome back!! Sounds you all had a pawsome time!!

    ((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  2. We loved hanging out with you guys, and walking around philly with you and the girls was soo much fun. A special thanks to Joe for not taking Rosie's constent barking at him personally. I was happy to see that his chilled out attitude ended up in her letting him walk her, great success for rosielicious. Thanks Joe!

    Aunt Nati