Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ear Cleaning

One of the many reasons why Dottie loves her brother Alven is because of the complimentary spa services that he provides. Alven loves giving Dottie massages and ear cleanings. After a game of chase, catch, chew, repeat they will often lie down together for a nap. This is usually around the time Alven begins the grooming session. Dottie happily stays still for him and starts drifting off into some kind of trance. These spa treatments happen at least twice a day and because of them Dottie has the cleanest ears of all three dogs. I never have to worry about wax build up with her. It's what you call a win, win, win.

Though I should admit that there is one down side to this. Because she loves getting ear cleanings so much she is under the misconception that everyone else loves them too. There have been many a morning I've woken up screaming in horror because Dottie is standing over me trying to get her tongue down my ear. Waking up feeling violated and with a squishy sensation in your ear drum is no way to start the work week. I've tried to explain to her that just because she likes it doesn't mean I do. She just looks at me with this confused expression on her face like, "what are you talking about?!?! Of course you like it!!!" If I wasn't afraid to suffocate to death I might just sleep with a pillow strapped to my face every night. And let's be honest if I did want an ear cleaning I would go to the ear doctor, or go find a Q-tip. I would not enlist the services of a dog that also licks her butt from time to time. That's just an ear infection waiting to happen.

Side note: Joe and I will be traveling to VA on Thurs to meet up with the twin sister and then head to PA for our cousin's wedding. We will be gone until Sunday night. The pups are staying with their grandmother and catching up on all their spanish soap operas. It should be a fun weekend for them full of walks, dramas and figuring out if Raul will finally end up with Lupita. Good times ahead for all though the blog will be quiet for a few days.


  1. hehehe I just LOVED this post. I wish I had a brother or sister to do the ear cleaning thingy with. Butt, I wouldn't try it on my mom though.

  2. Me and Dottie would like Raul to go with Lupita. Alven would like to just go out with all the ladies.


  3. bwahahaha Texas and Bubbles doe this to each other, but I like to keep my face out of Bubble range as much as possible

  4. how relaxing! the boys used to do that to each other. we had to relearn the whole concept of cleaning ears when we got Baxter!

  5. Milly and Shelby do that to each other and they have been known to sniff my ears... but I think they know that would be a big no no for them to try to clean my ears for me. Yikes!