Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy Ears

Whenever someone new meets Dottie they always tell us how she would look just like a lab puppy if it weren’t for the ears.

When we first brought her home we wondered if her ears would ever make up their minds on which way they were going. They were kind of like corgi ears in that they could stick straight up into the air like giant bat ears when she was excited or up to no good. They were kind of like dachshund and lab ears when she was relaxed, or when she put them back against her head trying to look innocent. She even has one ear that we call her droopy ear, because she usually keeps it down, and one that we call her radar ear, because she likes to have it up and alert. Joe and I waited and watched but as she got closer to her first birthday we realized that her ears were staying just the way they were, undecided and adorable. They’re too big and floppy at the tips to stand straight up, but not big enough to stay drooped.

We call them her crazy ears and think they only add to her charm. Without them she would look too boring I think. They have bounce and spring and give her a devilish and irresistible look. When she’s feeling very proud and prances around they bounce up and down on her head like little blond ringlets. When she hears or sees something interesting they stand straight up like giant saucers that even the military would be jealous of. Someone once told us they looked like airplane ears and when they’re at “half mast” it does look like she could take off at any moment.

I also love how they feel velvety soft and still smell like puppy and grass. They are hands down one of her best features.

Dottie = crazy ears = perfection.


  1. I'm finkin' that those are some GRRRREAT ears. they can tell a whole story just by watching them. I need Dottie on my boat. She could do the flag signal thingy like they did when my dad was in the Navy.

  2. We think Dottie's ears are simply puuurrrrfect!!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. They are good to chew on too!

    Cousin Maria

  4. I agree. Dottie is unique in everything, and that includes her ears.

  5. Very good pictures. The best picture of Maria so far and the pictures of Rosie and Diva are also really good.
    A very good journal of your trip.