Monday, July 26, 2010


The old guy, aka Mr. Flash, came through his procedure on Friday just fine. We dropped him off in the morning and also asked if he could get a teeth cleaning while he was under. We figured why risk putting him under again in 2 months when he could just get a  combo special now. He was not thrilled with that idea, but thankfully kept his comments to himself as he was escorted to the back.

At 4:30 pm we were back to pick up our vintage sausage. We came prepared with his favorite towel, a spot on Mom's lap for the car ride home, and promises of yummy treats to come. You know, all the necessities for groveling your way back into your pups good graces. Before they brought him out Dr. Thompson went through the results of the procedure with us. He had done great during and after the surgery. The lump was "self contained" and very easy to remove. It was mostly fatty stuff and she was able to get it all so no need for more lab testing. He should recover well and just needs to go back in 10 days to get the stiches out.

Unfortunately, Flash was not as fortunate during the teeth cleaning. He lost three more of his chompers. One in the back and two incisors. The incisors were the ones next to the big fangy ones (highly technical term) in the front. I wasn't surprised about the left one because he had really bad gum recession above that tooth, but it seems his mirror twin on the other side was fractured. I'm glad we had the cleaning done now so he doesn't have to deal with a painful tooth. She also said she would not classify what Flash has as just mere gingivitis (spelling? Typing this on cell phone. Miss you spell check!), but as perindontal disease. That is a bummer, but really no surprise at all. Even brushing his teeth every day it seems there is no getting ahead of the teeth isssues. Little by little I'm sure we'll keep saying farewell to his toofers. For now he looks kinda silly with his gap tooth smile, but he most be more comfortable.

Flash is doing well and recovering at home on his favorite pillow. He has also convinced his father that he should be carried on said pillow to new spots every few hours less he become bored. Goodness forbid that his highness should have to fluff his own blanket much less walk. So Joe spent the weekend carrying him around on his gold velvet pillow (I'm not exaggerating. His pillow is gold and it's velvet thanks to Grandma) wherever we happened to be hanging out. I know Dottie and Alven were thinking the same thing I was, "Pretty soon he'll need a separate pillow for the size of his head!" Oh well, he earned it after being such a good patient.


  1. Feel better soon, Flash!
    We are CERTAIN that you are getting all the love and attention you need during your convalesence! (BOL at his golden pillow!!!)


  2. Golden Pillow..
    I am glad that you came out with a good report.. even if they did STEAL some of your Teefs.

  3. We are so happy to hear that the dreadful procedures are over....and rightfully so that he should be carried about on a golden pillow. It is only fitting after putting royalty thru such a horrendous ordeal!

    (this coming from Oskar....who also will be undergoing a dental this week!!)

    Lots of get well rayz and (((hugs)) from your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  4. that cut looks HUGE. I'm glad all is over and done. He is the baby from now and needs time to feel well all the way. It must hurt all over.

  5. I'm so glad that he came through the surgery so well. Poor baby!!

  6. Tell Flash that I'm sure he's just as handsome as ever, even with his missing teeth.

    The people that were fostering Lulu had a dachshund that they had adopted that had no teeth. Over time he'd had to have them all removed. His snout was a bit droopy and made me think of Humphrey Bogart.

  7. Flash you have an awesome dad.
    Glad you are home & the surgery went well.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  8. Wow cool stitches! So glad your parents are pampering you during recovery!! :)

  9. Mr Flash! I love you!