Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do I hear Ringling Brothers Calling?

Hmmm…perchance Dottie has a future in the circus.

I don’t think she’ll work for peanuts though. She would probably prefer hot dogs, or her new favorite summer treat, watermelon! Maybe we can get her to make a little video like the skateboarding bulldog and become overnight sensations and I will retire and become her touring manager!

Or maybe not so much...

Oh well. She would probably just become a huge diva and then get a ghost writer to write a tell-all book about how she had a damaged puppyhood because she never knew her real mother and I never gave her enough treats.


  1. How long did that ball last? .25 seconds? Good thing you had the camara handy! Very Cute pics

    Aunt Nati

  2. That looks like fun. We too wonder how long it took Dottie to punture the ball.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Damaged Puppyhood... BaWaaaaah Tooo funny.
    Wallymelon is Wonderful... TRY it FROZEN.
    I see CIRCUS in someones future!!! GRRRREAT beach ball action.

  4. hee - another toy bites the dust!

  5. Hot dogs, Dottie? That is just not right!
    And, no dog gets enough treats! I sure hope you weren't expecting that ball to last long ;o)