Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Mom has already started packing up things for the Big VA Move Of 2010. We knew she was up to no good when she came home with tons of boxes that she said we were not allowed to chew. What up with that yo? She put them in the guest bedroom because that is going to become “packing central” she says. There is no longer a bed in there because Mom has given it away since she says we don’t need it anymore and can’t take it with us. Don’t need it anymore? We beg to differ! What are we supposed to relax on??? She put down some pillows and doggy blankets for us when we go in there to watch TV, or play, but with all the boxes in there now there isn’t as much room as before. Annoying! She said she wanted to start packing a little bit at a time so that she wouldn’t be rushing to get it all done the last week. She also said it will help us get used to things slowly disappearing into boxes instead of everything vanishing all of a sudden. Flash is forever the drama queen and doesn’t always take change well. He gets very clingy.

Well she started out by first packing up all her books (she has like one trillion. She really needs to get a new hobby that is not as heavy) and her and Dad’s winter sweaters and spare blankets. Then in went the DVD’s and half the towels. After that was done this weekend she started looking around for other things to pack that we won’t need any time soon. This made us very nervous and we started hiding our most favorite toys. Well we were right to be suspicious because won’t you believe she started going through all our doggy blankets. The horror! She put all of them in a giant blanket pile and started sorting through them and putting them into two other piles. One pile was for taking with us and one was for throwing away. Well this did not look good especially when she put one of Dottie’s favorite blankets from when she was a puppy into the throw away pile. Mom are you crazy! That is totally a keeper! She said it was too chewed up and holey and pointed out Dottie hadn’t even been allowed to have it since she started eating it. Well this might be so, but do you know how long it took Dottie to get it to the perfect hole-yness? You can’t throw away craftsmanship like that! No respect. Thankfully she didn’t pack up the remaining blankets just yet and allowed us to have them back. Close call!

This week she is tackling the rest of the office except for her computer, because she still needs that for blog posting. Don’t worry though. If she tries to pack it we’ll just get Dottie to sit on it. All our toys are still in witness protection as we can never be sure what will catch her eye next.


  1. I think it is a good Idea to get YOUR boxes picked out EARLY... and MARK them CLEARLY. I don't think I would like moving very much. I hope I will NEVER have to do it... butt... I guess you never know. I'm thinkin' I should take some notes on how you are doing it. I like the witness protection thingy for my toys. THANKS for the valuable info..

  2. I'm so behind in my blog reading that I didn't know you were moving. Where in Va will you be? I'm going to Va Beach over Labor Day. Maybe we can meet up (Lulu won't be with me though).

  3. Hoomans, ya just can trust them eh? Who throws out a perfectly good holey blankie??

    Be are tho guys, you don't want to get packed too early!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  4. I think Dottie needs a bigger box and one she can't chew out of. Very cute pictures and poor Flashy looks worried already.

    Aunt Nati

  5. This moving thing sounds fun with all the boxes everywhere!!
    THANK YOU so much for stopping by my bloggy to help raise green papers for Shelby! You Rock!


  6. How did I miss that you're moving to VA?

    I'm just starting to pack (sadly, the packing fairies never came to visit me) for my move. I hope yours goes smoother than mine has so far!

  7. Hehe. You guys are all so funny.

    Yes, we are moving very soon! We are excited about it. We are actually moving to Manassas, VA. I don't know where that is in relation to other places in VA. I think it is considered part of northern VA, but I would need to double check that with the sister...or check a map. The beach sounds fun. Do they have any dog beaches there? I'm hoping to find some there since Alven had such a good time swimming here in FL.

  8. well all looks good and ready to go. The more planning, the least stress and more mind for the puppies.
    It is going to be fun!!

  9. Box them up and ship them out.