Monday, April 19, 2010

Argh! I can't get this soap and water smell off!!!!

This past weekend was time for the dreaded doggy showers!! Alven is actually the only one of the dogs that doesn't mind taking a shower and even seems to enjoy getting pampered and massaged. However, that doesn't mean he likes the fact that he is left smelling like nice clean shampoo. He would much rather prefer I used some kind of grass/dead frog/leaf/dead worm/mulch variety of shampoo. Oh well. You can't please them all.

Here he is in all his frizzy haired glory trying with all his might to get dry and wipe off some of that awful clean smell.


  1. Why try it will just happen again next month!


  2. Alven got attacked by the shampoo?!?! Oh no!! :-)

  3. We just don't understand why this keeps happening? Don't our hoomans know how hard we work to attain our great smell?
    *sigh* - Now your gonna have to start all over!!!

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  4. Hi Alven
    You look so cute all fizzy & wet. Now you get to have fun rolling in all the dead, yummy smelling,stuff outside.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Alven uses the same moves that I do. I agree with what Oskar, schatzi and Xena said TOTALLY!

  6. hahaha! LOVE the pictures! Mine do stuff like that after baths, too!

  7. Hi Cousin,

    I hate that too! What you have to do is notice the signs that they are about to bathe you. And then go look for the best smelly spot you can find. That way right after your bath, when you are still wet, and most absorbent, you can go roll in that spot and you minimize the amount of time you spend smelling all "clean", or as I like to call it "horrible stench".


  8. Alven they made a number with you coat. You did look better before. How you are going to look nice and smelly again?