Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Dad!

It was Dad's birthday on Monday so we had to take a break from our blogging duties to spend some quality time with the birthday boy. He didn't get his very own, customized, party hat like we did, but he did get a cake (not that he shared! Rude). But then they did the strangest thing. They set the cake on fire! Humans are so weird. We'll never be able to understand their strange rituals.

After they were done setting a perfectly good cake on fire it was time for some pictures. We all agreed that there was a recurring thought among us pups: So close and yet so far!

Later on we asked Dad what birthday year he was celebrating and when he said 28 we were shocked. Oh my gosh! Shouldn't he be dead by now? But we told him not to worry and that he didn't look one day over 10, maybe 11 tops. We think he appreciated the sentiment. Not that it helped us score a piece of ice cream cake...


  1. I love you all! Thank you for my cake.


  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! What a pawsome cake!!
    Sheesh 28, eh? Our Momma has socks older than that! :)

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!
    Give him a lick or two from us.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!! What good times! I love birthdays, especially when they are someone else's :) Did you get to do your favorite things? like eat the best grass clump you can find, roll in the best dead thing you can find, or hey did you get to cuddle up to your favorite person! That one is the best! Hope you got lots and lots of hugs and cuddles. I'll owe you one!


  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad! If you can't have cake - can you negotiate for a cookie?

  6. Ok that cake looks awesome!! :)
    Happy birthday to your dad puppers!

    Erin & Co.

  7. Dottie and Alven are ready to lick the cake!. Flash is taking the pretending with a little more of control.
    Happy birthday dad. You have a lot a beautiful family.