Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A truce perchance?

Living with three pups you quickly learn that life is always full of surprises, there is always room for improvement and things you thought were not possible usually are. This week Flash and Dottie proved all of this with what I hope will be a long enduring truce. The other night I looked over from my computer desk and saw this picture before me:

Now, some of you might be wondering what the big deal is, and my answer is to take a look at a previous post I put up not so long ago. Back in January Flash was still working through some of his "sharing issues." Flash takes his naps and his couch (aka: Flash's throne) very seriously, and does not like it when either one is disturbed. But it seems that he has made great progress since then and extended Dottie the metaphorical olive branch by letting her share his couch. Either that or he figured she was too big to push off the couch and his little legs were just not made for clinging for dear life with.

Whatever the case may be I am very proud of our little old guy and extend to him two thumbs up on his personal growth. He has come quite far from the Mr. Grumps he was in January.


  1. Wow! huge progress little man! I am so proud of you.

    Aunt Nati

  2. (Hi cousin Flash, I see you have started to put my strategy in place...yes, let the young one think you are bff's and then one day innocently bring her a "present" and then let her take the fall for a harness chewing incident...yes...yes...oh you're good flash, you're real good.)

    Great pics Aunt sandra!

  3. a lot of progress. So proud of you Flash, but the reality is in your face. You are showing pain!!, and still that "help me please...." expression.
    Anyway one step at a time.
    The problem is that she was there first and your choices were very limited. You accepted her invitation to share the space. I want to see you there first and then you allow her to share your space. As it is, you did not have a choice. But still i can see progress, a ton of progress.

  4. Yes, I think Flash might just be biding his time until he can get his revenge. But I do love the picture from January where he is just holding on.