Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flash and his harness hit the park

Finally the sun came out, the clouds left, and we headed out to the doggy park this weekend. It was awesome! There were swans and pigeons and ducks and black birds and grey birds and just birds, birds, birds! It was a dream come true.

Last time we were there I was trying so hard to get to a pigeon that Mom was afraid I was going to choke myself by pulling so hard on the leash. Not that I would ever do something so undignified, but I do have to admit I did come close to gagging a couple of times. So off she went to get me a harness. The doggy boutique where we get our food had this super cute harnesses and one even came in my signature color, blue. My mom picked it up and brought it home with us. I liked that it wasn't nylon and most of all didn't wrap around my legs. The last time I had a harness that came up around my armpits it caused some serious chaffing and I did not like that one bit. So we put it on and took it out for a test drive. A few people even stopped us to ask where I got it. I was gracious enough to let my mom pass on the information. I'm a giver that way.

By the end of the trip my mom said I looked very cute in my harness, but there was one thing that kep bugging her. When you attach the leash and set off walking the harness gets tugged to the side and the front part ends up going up my armpit. I don't know if it's because I'm a doxie and have a sort of "barrel chest", you know all manly like, but that front part just will not stay in the middle. It doesn't really hurt or anything like that, but it is kind of annoying. Mom says she's going to have to get me a different one, but until then I'll put up with it as long as it means I get to go the park. Though I do have to admit the whole harness thing does get in the way of my bird hunting...oh, I mean "bird watching."


  1. hee - aren't u cute in your new harness!! It sounds like you might want to check out the other style that's popular that has a neck strap and a chest strap like Baxter wears. It stays in place pretty well, and Baxter hunts in his all the time. Plus goodness knows it's available in all sorts of configurations at all sorts of price points and levels of construction. (ie, i'm not the only one that makes them and it's perfectly fine to not get one from me cuz i tend to be just a niche player lookin to have a fine time making something interesting). Happy hunting!! :)


  2. Oh, what a pawsome day!!
    Mom says she finds the same thing with the Puppia harnesses - they seem to slip sideways!
    We have ones that are called "vest Harness" - great for walking & can be used on short car rides with a seatbelt.

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. Hi Flash
    We tried the Puppia harness and had the same problem, we do like the leashed and still use them.
    We wear a step in harness that we really like.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Warning: For Flash's eyes ONLY...NO humans allowed to read the contents of the below reply to his cry for help that was cleverly disguised in story about his "trip to the park". Just to make sure I am putting it in DOUBLE paranthesis.

    ((Dear cousin Flash, why haven't you found out where they keep this medieval contraption and chewed it back to the depths of the underworld where it came from!?!?

    I am proud to say that my hunting, I mean "intently watching", prowess was put to the test with a similar harness. Mom said it was so that I wouldn't "pull her arm off" when on walks and a villanous squirrel, I mean "cute bff squirrel", comes running by and I MUST go say hello.

    I have chewed through two!! HAHAHAHAH. I mean, "they don't make things they way they used to now a days...."

    Find out where they put it when you come back, humans usually just leave it lying around until the third harness "falls apart", and then go to town! Also, to double make sure that YOU don't get blamed, leave it by Dottie, she is known chew offender. And while they go buy a new "harness" they have to use only the collar, and good hunting times, I mean "intently watching" times" can be had!))

    Hi aunt Sandra and uncle Joe, love you soo much! Thanks for taking my cousins to the park, I know they love it! Great story :) :)

  5. I'm glad you were just bird watching...not hunting. Meadow caught (and, I'm sorry to say, killed) half a dozen birds last summer.

  6. Hey Flash! I love to "watch" the birds too. You look rather cute in your blue harness. Have a good week!

  7. Flash you are looking very sexy I might say.


  8. You always look cute. That harness help mom control you wild side. I'm glad you enjoy the park.