Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some of our favorite things and more

We would like to thank Twix for giving us this great award. Twix is one of our new blog friends. As part of the award we need to list 10 of our favorite things. Since there is three of us we are each going to say three of our favorite things and then let Mom say one of hers.

Dottie: 1. Chew toys 2. Making new friends 3. Eating my beds

Alven: 4. The ladies 5. Getting petted 6. Chewing on Dottie's legs

Flash: 7. Burrowing in blankets 8. Taking naps 9. My Dad!

Mom: 10. Being a dog mom

Besides coming up with our list we had lots and lots of other things to do this weekend. First on the list was taking care of Dad. On Friday Mom had to take him to get his wisdom teeth removed. Does this mean he is not going to be so smart anymore? And, how can he hope to catch a lizard some day if he looses his teeth? We really felt sorry for him. He came home from his surgery and he looked pretty bad. But guess what! He didn't have to wear a cone on his head! How is that fair? Alven was very upset about that and suggested a trip to Petco to go get him one. Too bad none of his can reach the pedals. Well we had to let that go and just do our best to help Dad get better. Flash was his dedicated personal nurse and stayed next to him the whole weekend. Whenever Dad was in need of a snuggle Flash was there. Snuggling is a key part in a speedy recovery you know.

Mom took some funny pictures of Dad in a pill induced sleep with Flash by his side, but unfortunately there was a veto placed on their internet distribution. Instead we will use this old picture from when Dad and Mom took Flash to Lake Eola. This is almost the exact same picture Mom took this weekend. Just imgaine there is no grass, no trees, no being outside, no breeze, no sun, Flash doesn't have a leash, Dad isn't wearing a hat. Instead Dad is in bed, inside a room, in his PJ's, he looks like someone beat him up and Mom is telling him he looks a bit "high." So like we said the same picture. You get the idea, right?

Then today it was our friend Elu's birthday. She is one of our doggy park friends. She turned two this weekened and Mom took us to the party. We got her some nice tennis balls as a gift. She liked them a lot and even took them out to share during the party. Dottie embarrassed us by chewing one of them all up! Mom told her it was not good manners to eat the gift you gave someone five minutes earlier. We don't think Dottie is going to remember that bit of social etiquette though. It was a really fun time and we can't wait to get back to the doggy park more often now that the weather is starting to get nice again.

Definitely had a lot to do this weekend, but we also had a lot of fun. Dad is staying home with us tomorrow because he is still in recovery so we'll be sure to take care of him. Lots of licking, and leg chewing and using him as a giant pillow will have him up and ready in no time! I hope he appreciates all we do.


  1. Wow, you guys do soo much for your dad. I think you need a vacation or something, at least some gourmet treats are in order. Get well uncle Joe!

  2. The poppies are the best medicine! Hope dad will get well soon.