Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Portraits

In honor of our birthday month Mom made us all our very own portrait. She used as inspiration her favorite picture of each of us. She finally finished them tonight and let us take a peek. The last step will be to have them printed and framed. Good times!

At first Alven was worried that the chest hair might have made him seem a little chubby, but got over it when Dottie said it made him look like a pirate. Alven is now contimplating submiting his portrait to Disney as part of his job application for the Captain Jack Sparrow opening. He thinks it will help him with the ladies. Arrrr!!!!


  1. Those are nice. Tell your mom I liked them very much. She also made me a very life like portrait of me once, my mommy hung it up in our play room. I look it at every now and then and wonder where the time has gone....

  2. Your mom did a great job. We love your birthday portraits.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - good luck with the Disney job Alven!

  3. They are perfect!!. It is exactly each of you guys. I can not wait to see them framed. Great Job!!.
    I would like to have a reproduction of them for my office. It is good art.

  4. Those are really good portraits!! Love 'em!