Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Classic Dottie and Alven Wrestling Matches

Dottie and Alven are constant companions and best friends. They do everything together. They sleep together, eat together, get in trouble together and also wrestle together. These are just a few of the pictures taken of their on going attempt to become crowned ultimate doggy wrestling champion.

I have no idea who is supposed to be keeping score, if there is even a score, or who might be winning by now, but that doesn't seem to deter either one of them. What is for sure is how these epic battles always end...

The smudge on Alven's nose is actually a patch of wet fur from doggy drool (nice!). Oh, and the the crazy glowing eyes is from Alven trying to use his doggy powers to get me to bring him a cookie.


  1. oh what buddies!! always fun to see that :)


  2. hilarious you need to get them some wrestling masks and give them horrible names like "Alven the terrible" and "Doti the brick wall comanski", get them an agent and call animal planet.

  3. Their full time job is having fun. I want that job!.