Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Manny!

This past weekend was Uncle Manny's birthday. Since we could not give him birthday licks because he lives all the way in VA we decided to send him a present. This is what we commissioned Mom to make for him:

He is into bicycles and mom is going through a "paper cutting phase," so this is what she came up with. The colored background is all little paper rectangles she cut and glued next to each other and then she put the bicycle cut out on top.

Here is Dottie posing with the gift. She's trying to show off her good side.

Then it was my turn to pose in front of the gift. I wasn't too impressed with it though because Mom forgot to make a paper cut out of ME riding the bike. I showed my displeasure by smelling the carpet and refusing to look up for the picture.

Anyway, I hope you liked it uncle Manny and happy birthday! Mom says you didn't get a cupcake, or felt hat, in honor of your big day. That's too bad. If you want I'll mail you my party hat so you can borrow it. But don't get too attached. I'm going to want it back. As you know it's a big hit with the ladies.


  1. Hi cousins! Thanks for the present for my dad, he liked it a lot and put it in his man cave right away. He was not too happy last weekend over turning 31, I told him "try aging 7 years at a time!" and proceeded to take advantage of his weakened to state to root around his "man cave" aka, the computer room. So, thanks for lifting his spirits, but now I can't roam free like I used to, he's onto me now.

  2. That is very beautiful and special!!.
    Where is Flash?. he doesn't want to acknowledge Manny's birthday?. That old man (I mean Flash).

  3. hey guys my name is keiko (key-ko) and I would love to be furiends with you I will follow your blog and you can go to my blog and click the follow button and follow my blog.... I hope we can become good furrriendss!!! I hope to see you soon!!

    wags and licks

  4. Hey flash et al. tell your mom thanx for the bicycle art. I like Dottie's pose, its like she is saying: home and what was the artist trying to do here, hmmm, oh wait someone is taking a pic of me, pose, chest out, best cheek forward. Stick a beret on her head and she could've passed for my art history teacher.

  5. I dont know if that hat is a keeper!