Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Stranger with the white car and two dachshunds,

Please do not leave your pups in the car unattended and with only the back window open less than half an inch. We know that Orlando is supposed to be experiencing a "burst of winter weather" lately, but our mom says 63 degrees and sunny is still too hot to leave your dogs, especially when the sun is beating down on the giant metal oven that is your car. Our mom did not notice at first that you had dogs in the car when you parked next to us in the Publix parking lot. She was busy passing around our portable water bowl so we could drink water while enjoying the refreshing breeze from our car air conditioner while we waited for our dad to come back. She says dogs dehydrate easily in cars which is why she's always carrying around like a million water bottles if she takes us for a car trip. She actually didn't notice your two dachshunds until they started barking and standing up on the seats calling for you to come back as you walked into the supermarket. It seemed to bother her even more when the long haired one, that looks a lot like Alven, started crying. We tried to make friends with your dogs through the window but they did not seem to notice since they were too busy freaking out. Bummer! Maybe next time you can leave them at home if you know you're going to a place where you can't take them inside, or stay with them in the car, because they didn't look like they were having fun. Also, it seemed to make Mom angry which is why she wrote you that two page post-it note and stuck it to your window, but then decided to wait for you and tell you in person that she thought you had made a very bad choice when you still hadn't come back 15 minutes later. She uses that same voice whenever she catches one of us trying to steal her socks so we knew you were probably in trouble. Maybe instead of looking annoyed you could have tried making puppy eyes, or rolling over on your back to show that you were sorry. That always seems to work with her. We tried to tell you that but then we were leaving and mom was muttering something about how you wouldn't like being left inside a toaster or something like that. Oh well, at least we hope you enjoy those chips you had in the bag. They smelled tasty.

Dottie, Alven and Flash


  1. OH my! What is wrong with these humans? Seriously! Thank you for standing up for us doggies that can't tell the dumb humans how dumb they really are!
    PS: I have an award for you on my blog, please stop by and pick it up.

  2. oh my! i like to take Baxter on rides when it's frigid out, because he loves the ez baking that goes on with the sun, but really, 60s outside is a tad warm....

  3. That picture should be posted everywhere, so that person can be embarrased and never leave her poor dogs in the car in that temperature.

  4. Thank you for watching out for the doxies---and please call the police, too, if there should be a next time!

  5. Well done!! You did not move to be sure that things were not going to get worse.

  6. Doxies must stick together!