Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Flash goes over to the other side

Ever since we allowed Dottie and Alven to sleep out of their crates at night Flash decided he needed to move his sleeping arrangements to the other side of the room. For the year and a half that we've had him we've always had his doggy bed next to my side of the room. There I would look in on him at night, reach over and pet him and sometimes even sneak him up onto the bed (If Joe is reading this, Flash made me do it. I'm just a victim of his eyes). But when Dottie and Alven joined the picture he felt that the sanctity of his sleeping spot was not being treated with the respect it deserved. At first we put Dottie's bed next to his on my side, but since Dottie has a tendency to stretch out at night she always ended up with half her body on Flash's bed. In the morning we would find Flash curled up in the corner trying to get as far from Dottie's expanding legs as he could get while at the same time giving her the dagger eyes. Dottie of course was oblivious to all this and would give him the googly, "isn't this sleeping together thing fun?" eyes. Or she would lean over and try to interest him in a game of "chew on your bed, or legs" and again the dagger eyes would come out.

Please notice those dagger eyes
Flash is throwing at Dottie.

Here she is about 4 months old
and is still innocent enough to think
she and Flash will be BFF's.

Flash made it pretty clear to everyone that he would not stand for this blatant disregard for his beauty sleep. He put his paw down and all we could do was drag his bed over to Daddy's side. Alven and Dottie now sleep on my side and Flash has his side all to himself. If Dottie and Alven even think about visiting him on Dad's side he gives them the wary eye combined with ignoring them as if they didn't exist until they take their tails back to their side. Sleeping next to Dad has of course not helped Flash's obsession with him but at least peace has been restored between all three pups at bed time and really isn't that what Christmas is all about? I get a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.


  1. Its funny how dogs decide these things. Maria was an only dog for what, three months and always slept right by my side of the bed, if not on top of me in bed. Then Rosie joined our crew, and now she sleeps at the foot of bed in her doggie bed. And only occasionally asks to be on top of me in bed. Rosie sleeps next me on my side of the bed, in her doggie bed and will sometimes look for maria and curl up next to her, but maria doesn't come to my side anymore. thought it was just my wierd dogs, but I see its widespread. :)

    Aunt Nati

  2. That is the face we love.