Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cards from Grandma

Grandma Olga is a super cool lady and as such decided to make us our very own Christmas card design. She put the cards together and had them shipped to us this weekend. We just received them today and think they're awesome! Wouldn't you want to get one of these in your mailbox?

We will of course be sending one to our Grandma Olga with a big sloppy kiss. The rest we've decided to give out to our closest friends and family. Aunt Nati and the cousins of the north will get one of course. The lady at the doggy bakery boutique who supplies us with deer antlers and tasty delights. We love her. Passionately. Also, we would like to give one to our Grandma Lourdes who takes us for walks and potty breaks and thinks we're gorgeous.

Mom and Dad might get one but we haven't decided if we will forgive them for ignoring our pleas for more food, more toys, more cuddling, and less baths. The jury is still out on that one. that we think of it the message on the card might be a nice hint for them to kick it into gear and start doing some listening. Maybe we'll add a list to the back of the card with our demands...I mean wishes.

Also, we think that mom should order more of these from Grandma and give them out as party favors at the Christmas party. Who wouldn't want to come over and leave with a nice picture of these three cutie pies? People will be pushing their way into the house when they find out these babies are up for grabs. Hopefully we have enough or a riot might ensue.

So, in conclusion we would like to send out a big face lick to Grandma Olga! Love ya!