Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Doxie

Here I am posing in front of the Christmas tree. It's kind of dark because Mom didn't want to use the flash and ruin the effect of the lights. I hope you can still see me in all my Christmas-y spirit. My only problem with this picture is that weird fat guy in the background trying to steal my spotlight.

Hey buddy, go find someone else's picture to ruin!

He's really weird. Always dancing and shaking his hips. It's vulgar is what it is. I should call the police.

Anyway, Christmas is almost here. I'm very excited because it will by my first one with my new family. I might even get a gift this year! Dottie, heard from Flash, who heard from somebody who knows someone, who might have said we had gifts already under the tree. So, I'm pretty sure it might just be true. We'll have to wait and see...or maybe do a little bit of wrapping paper nibbling when no is looking. Either way I'll let you know as soon as it's for sure.

Seriously, no else finds that chubby guy disturbing??? Hey, Creepers! Yea, you! Move it along buddy! No one's paying for the show!


  1. To bad you can't read to see if your names are on any of them =)

    The Fat guys is weird watch out!

  2. Dear Cousins, I too hear that christmas is great fun times to be had. Mom said we are driving up to NY to see our grandma, apparently we do this every year, but I wasn't here last year so it is news to me. I am always up for a road trip, you know me, so the good times are already starting! We are leaving tonight, and I can't wait to see what NY has to offer. My new sister Rosie, is not so excited as me, but really who ever is! :) Mom has already packed our presents Rosie told me, because she said she sniffed them out among the bags the parental units were preparing last night. Rosie has a very good nose, and she said for sure there were rawhide treats among those things. Rawhides! well I am not that much into them, but they are Rosie's favorite, so I know that my favorite things must be there too...squeaky toys! nothing like a brand new squeaky toy slober! Ah, can't wait. Hope you guys have a great time, and we did send some presents along with your mom when she visited, so be on the look out for some very badly wrapped packages...hey I don't have thumbs what do you expect! Merry Christmas cousins!

  3. That is a great picture !!. Where are flash and Dottie? The light is perfect. Do not be mean with the fat guy because he is the one with the presents. Try to fix the damage or you will pay!