Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Pups!

Our Christmas pictures are finally here! We couldn't get them up any sooner because Mom said her video card died and we had to wait until she went and got a new one. Bummer! So we waited...and waited...and waited. But the wait is over! Finally, she got a new one and now we are able to load and display our pictures in all their Christmas glory!

TA DA!!!!!!!

Here are the three of us in front of the tree
early on in the day.

Dottie is depressed that they won't let her go ahead and open the presents early.

This is Flash wearing his Christmas scarf that Mom made us. He thinks he looks quite dapper. Unfortunately for Mom he only let her take about five pictures (most of them blurry) before high tailing it out of there.

This pretty much sums up
Dottie's feelings about posing
for Christmas pictures in her
holiday scarf.

It didn't help matters when Mom
busted out the Santa hat.

A literal translation of this look is:

"Seriously Mom what is wrong with you?"

But have no fear. Dottie got even by then trying to eat the hat!

Now it's Alven's turn!

Here he is in his scarf.

Very cute.

Alven was actually Mom's best model. He did such a good job that Mom did the only thing she could....she took terrible, terrible, terrible advantage.

Santa Alven.

I like it.

Work those eyes Alven!

Then she draped him in all
of our holiday scarfs.

Okay. Still cute, and kind
of funny Mom.

But then she give us....




Let us hope Alven does not seek revenge.

Anyway, those our Christmas 2009 pictures. Here's hoping next year Mom either doesn't make us new scarfs, or we figure out a way to break the camera.

Also a big thanks to Aunt Nati and the cousins of the north of our new Christmas collars. We are looking spiffy in them! Here is a quick pic of us opening up our gifts and Alven and Mom showing off the boxes Aunt Nati had made for us.


  1. Aweee... looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I think my favorite is the christmas ninja, and Dottie looks like an evil santa puppy...Im kinda scared

    Aunt Nati

  3. Ninja Alven is not so scary looking. It was a fun night of good food a puppy love!


  4. Great memories of all of you on your first Christmas together. The pictures are fantastic.