Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Congrats to Aunt Naty and Uncle Manny!

Today our Aunt Natalia, Uncle Manny and our cousin Maria closed on their first home. Yay!!! Congratulations you guys on your first dog house!

Here are pictures of when they came to visit me when I was a baby and had only been with my mom and dad for two weeks:

Well, I am just thrilled to hear that you have a new house with a backyard for lots of running and playing. I am so excited that I am all set for the road trip up to visit you and my doggy cousin Maria. I just know we're going to have so much fun. I'll even bring Flash and Alven along, though Flash will probably insist we bring his doggy bed too. You know how he is. Diva!

Dottie's Tip Of The Day:
Oh...I'll probably need to know your address for the road trip. Please send it to my chauffeur (aka Mom).


  1. Congrats now we have a place to leave the doggies when we go on vacation!

  2. Yes, bring them along at your own risk, we may not give them back! Except Dottie you can keep that monster all to yourself :)

    Aunt Nati

  3. Right well please let us know what the princess and her entourage will need in there room, you know things like perrier/aquafina, fresh veninsson/dollarbrand food, rabbit fur lined bed/an old pillow, etc.

    Also be sure to bring a visa!

  4. Hi Cousin Dottie, Yes! please come to visit me. I hear you are a good wrestler and that we can have some good times with our favorite moves. I especially want to learn the one where you can fit Alven's whole leg in your mouth. See you soon!