Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can totally work this look, thank you very much.

Mom is always chuckling when my, slightly floppy-ish, ears get bent backwards on my head. I don't see how this is amusing. I think it adds just the right amount of "chic disarray," and whimsy to my otherwise adorable appearance.

It makes me more approachable to the masses by sending the message, "I don't take myself too seriously. I am down to earth just like you. Would you like to pet me and give me a treat?"

It also says, "there's a chap who seems like great fun. Why don't we go pet him and maybe invite him out for a treat?"

Others might see my hairstyle and think, "Why he is just darling. A perfectly coiffed dog is a dime a dozen, but he looks interesting. Lets go over and bring him a treat!"

So really this look is a win-win-win. I win, you win, and I win again when you give me a treat.

Besides, with a face like this, anything looks good on me.


  1. Yes my doxie's ears are NEVER in their proper place! :)

  2. Win Win Win !!! lol

    Or maybe Win lose Win???


  3. You're such a sweetie Alven.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. It is all about the treat!!