Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Running is my most favorite thing in the whole widest world!


  1. Do you live in Florida because that reminds me of the type of houses there. My family lived in Davenport near Orlando for a while but now we are in Georgia. Tulip would be so so jealous because we don't have a dog park here and really she's never been allowed to run in an area that big. We have a small back yard and my mom has a bigger yard but not so much yummy space. That must be heaven for a dog.

  2. Haha I looked at your profile you are in Orlando no wonder that looked so familiar. You don't even have to be from one area all of the suburbs look the same! Its really peculiar because like I say here in Georgia there is not so much uniformity. I guess its because houses have to be hurricane proof in central Florida.

  3. Hi Cousin Dottie! I love to run too! I love going to the doggy park and just letting lose! I try to get other dogs to join me by jumping on their head, but most don't seem to understand this universal sign for "chase me". The dogs here in VA seem to be a little on the slow side, but I don't mind too much, Im just a blur to them as I rush by. Hope we can run together soon!

    Cousin Maria

  4. You are so fast. Zoomies are so much fun.
    Love Ruby & Penny