Wednesday, September 2, 2009

U.S. Open Dottie Style!

Since the U.S. Open is going on now I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my love of tennis. I love, love, love tennis. Especially the part where you chase the ball and then get to chew on it. That is my favorite part! One day I will go and show those "tennis players" at the U.S. Open how it's really done. Can you believe they don't even grab the ball with their mouths? Hello! Then why even have the ball be part of the game? Such a waste. Here are a few action
shots of my seriously killer tennis game.

Even my mom and dad get into the tennis action. Here they are serving me the ball.

However, some of our other pack members are not as into tennis as I am. You might even say they are tennis haters! They just don't appreciate the beauty that comes from that new ball smell and then giving it a big slobbery chew. I guess they just can't grasp the finer things in life.

Please notice similar ignoring techniques. It must be a dachshund thing. Oh well, that just means more tennis balls for me! That's a good thing too because a pro like me needs to stay at the top of their game at all times.

Dottie's Tip Of The Day:
Watch out William's sisters, I'm coming for the title!


  1. Could you sign my ball please!!!!!


  2. From: Ford Modeling Angency - K9 Division

    To: Dottie

    Re: Possible photo shoot with Maria Sharipova

    Compensation : Lifetime supply of tennis balls

    Hello Ms Dottie, on behalf of all us here at FMK9 we would love to offer you a photo spread and tv ad with Ms. Sharipova for Cannon's latest line of small digital cameras. If your interested simply have your owners contact us at their earliest convience.

    yours truely,

    Maximilliano Ladramucho Barksenton....

  3. Funy mister Ladramucho!!

    Dottie is he girl with ideas and the action here in this pack, we can not deny it.
    Let see at what else you are good at Dottie.