Monday, August 31, 2009

Everyone's Friend

Alven came back from the vet clinic today with a clean bill of health. The only thing he was diagnosed with is cutie pie syndrome. Alven has become a very important part of the family.

He is Dottie's best friend and her wrestling partner. Who else would let her squish them?

He is also Flash's window watching partner. Who else would sit quietly with him and just stare?

Yea, he's a keeper. Drooly face and all.


  1. who else would let Dottie eat their ear? and who else would let Flash's disdain for them grow into friendship?

    That drooly face is though is hard to get past...they must REALLY like him

    Aunt Nati

  2. Yes Mr. Alven is the glue that holds the pack together. Without Mr. Alven there would be chaos so many special thanks to the Alvenator Woof Woof! Fury Paw for life..


  3. Great pictures. Alven has such a serene and beautiful face. I'm sure he is the middle man between the let's have fun one and the I'm not in that silly business other. Without Alven the other two will not have a partner.
    Congratulations on your bill of health