Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beds - a dog's best friend


Why are you looking at me like that?

Yes, I know there are two dog beds here. It's called having a selection.

No, I don't think these are too many blankets, or beds for just one dog.

Yes, I am aware that I'm currently using a human sized blanket on my custom dog bed which I need fluffed periodically. Your point?

You know what? I resent what you're trying to imply. And, on top of that I don't care for your tone.

Well...I don't know if you can make it up to me...

Fine. You can start by tucking in my paw. It's getting a bit chilled.

That's good. Thank you.

No, that will be all for now. You may go. I'll call when it's time for my next bed fluffing.

Flash's Tip Of The Day:
Don't judge me!


  1. Nobody judging. I want to do exactly the same. You changed the meaning of "A dog life" to the exactly opposit. I want to have a dog life.

  2. I wish my bed was that cuddlelly


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