Monday, September 7, 2009

Alven's Weekend Recap

Well this weekend has been quite the roller coaster for me. Lots of up's, downs and crazy turns (you know, like a roller coaster).

Things started out on an up when on Friday afternoon I was taken for some spa time. I received a nice bath, hair trim and lots of pampering. I was even described by one spa technician as "adorable" and "a sweetie pie." I was obviously a big hit with the ladies. As usual. Here are some before and after shots for your viewing pleasure.

This is my before shot.

Here you can see my uber fluffiness.

My mom says this is my "Don't Hassle the Hoff" look because of all my chest fluff.

My dad says it makes me look like I'm wearing a frilly pirate shirt.

I say that either way I still manage to look quite dashing.

Post Grooming and looking real sexy! My mom says that my hair cut took years off and I now look much more puppyish. I figure that can only be a good thing since people always want to pet and give treats to puppies. Score one for the Alvenator!

Here is a run down of what I received at the spa: an ear, neck and belly hair trim. I had my tail hair toned down as well. Others have commented that it's now less swiffer and more flag like. I also had my chest tuft taken down quite a bit. You can't tell in these pictures because I'm wearing a nifty bandanna I got at the spa. I also had my paw hair trimmed and a bit of a manicure. To top it all off I got a spritz of cologne and a brushing. Take my word for it I'm looking S-E-X-Y.

Afterwards I went home and enjoyed all the envious looks from Dottie and Flash. Hey I can't help it if I look good. Little did I know that things would be taking quite a turn the next morning.

When I woke up my mom and dad took me out for a car ride. I thought this was a very plesant surprise and was looking forward to even more special Alven one-on-one time. We ended up in this place that smelled a lot like medicine but there were so many other dogs there that I hardly noticed. I was mingling and meeting all the dogs and owners. I was really working the crowd, giving out kisses and doing a lot of sniffing. Then to my surprise they called out my name. I didn't know I had RSVP'd to the event but I took it all in stride. My mom took me up to a very nice lady and they talked for a little bit. Then the lady led me away towards a back room. I remember thinking, "more spa time? I guess...but I don't know how you can make me look any better than I already do. Maybe I can choose my own bandanna this time. I would prefer a green one. It goes much better with my coloring."

I don't remember much after that. I know I was put in some kind of waiting room, like at the spa, and then someone came to get me. After that is kind of a blank...I think I fell asleep at some point. When I woke up I was feeling really groggy and something seemed very different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew something had happened and it wasn't picking out a new bandanna. When my mom and dad came to get me the same lady from before said I had done very well with the neutring and was good to go. I don't know what neutering means, but I told my mom that this spa was a scam and that I liked the other one much better. We drove back home, but I didn't get to see Flash and Dottie this time. I was put in the front living room where my mom had made it into my own big room. That was nice of her because I was really feeling sleepy and was acting kind of wobbly. The bad part was that they insisted on putting this plastic cone thing on my head. But then they said it was too small and went out and got an even bigger one! This one was padded but I told them it was definitely not better than a bandanna!

Here are some pictures of the rest of my weekend. Notice how I'm not looking very pleased with the way things are going.

This is me with the first cone.

Not a good look for me at all. But apparantly the fact that my nose went beyond the edge meant they had to go get me an even uglier one.

A side note: my grandma Lourdes gave me this tiger towel because she said it was manly and would help me feel better.

Grandma, I'm always manly. Even in a cone hat.

Here I am wearing my second cone hat. Its supposedly called the Comfy Cone because of the padding. I mean I guess I would like using it as a know...if it weren't strapped to my head! It's a good thing I was too sleepy to really say anything, but this is not a flattering look for me I think you will agree.

Since it was obvious I didn't enjoy wearing my new "comfy" cone (please inject a large dose of sarcam in my tone when saying comfy) my mom made up a doggy bed for herself in my new room and kept me company and even slept with me at night. She would tell me no when I was trying to lick and at first I found it a bit annoying. Then she explained that it was either no lick or comfy cone. I chose no lick. Here is a picture of our accomadations:

She stayed with me at night and slept on the big cushion. I enjoyed all our special bonding time.

During the day dad, Grandma Lourdes and mom would take turns staying with me.

I tried being good company but most of time I was just too sleepy.

After the second day I was back to my usual self, but my mom says it will take me 7 days to recover from the second spa. Needless to say I do not want to go back to that place.

Well that was my weekend. There were good times and there were bad times. But such is the way of life. At least I'm feeling better now and back to giving out kisses. Hopefully though I won't be doing any more spa getaway's any time soon.

Alven's Tip Of The Day:
Choose your spa's very carefully. Ask up front of it is a bandanna establishment, or a cone establishment. If the answer is cone, RUN!!!!


  1. You are looking very handsome. I hope you feel better Mr. Alven.


  2. Alven from now on it is going to be life before the cone and life after the cone. Hopefully you are not going to miss that place or anything that you left behind. It is a new life now, more in the soft and cuddling side. The other two are not telling but they also went to the cone spa. Ask them.
    You are cute.