Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School is in session

Now that Dottie is feeling better Mom decided that we were going back to our daily training sessions. She calls it our school time. We call it "give me the treat already!"

Today we covered two subject matters: Leave it and Stay

During "leave it," or as we like to call it, "torture," Mom gives us a treat one at a time. Whoever sits and pays attention gets the treat first. Then she says "leave it" when someone tries to steal the treat out of the others mouth. Apparently we're supposed to wait quietly for our turn at the treat and do some kind of sharing thing. We all agree that's just crazy least when it's not our turn.

Two of us also agree that a certain puppy has a height advantage when it comes to side stepping our ninja sneak attack moves so we can't really try and steal her treats.

Here we're practicing stay. We all have to sit on the mat and be very still while Mom walks away from us. We can't move until she tells us we can go to her. If we do it right she hands out some delicious treats.

Towards the end though she started getting sneaky! She would not only walk away from us, she would also go where we couldn't see her and HIDE. Then when she yelled come we would all have to run and find her.

One time we even found her hiding underneath the table! She's so crazy.

Pack Tip Of The Day:
Be cool, stay in school! Also, if you're good they hand out apple, yogurt treats which are delish!


  1. Stay in School don't be a fool!


  2. You guys are so attentive. What kind of treats does your mommy train you with? We need some.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Well this is the best school ever. You look super-duper cute. You are going places guys.