Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A visit to the emergency clinic

Yesterday was a good day that turned into a not so good day for me. At first everything was going well and when my mom came home from work we all headed out to the doggy park. I had a great time. I played with all my friends. It was so much fun. I even spent some time with my very good friend Fenway, who is a golden retriever pup. She loves to eat all kinds of tasty things at the park, like leaves and grass and pine cones. She even helps me find some. Well I saw her eating a very tasty bit of leaf and thought hey I will go and get something to eat too. So I picked up a bit of grass and started munching away. Oh yum. My mom saw me and started walking very quickly in my direction. I knew she wanted to take my treat from me so I swallowed it really fast, before she could reach me. By the time she came up to me and looked in my mouth it was all gone. Win for Dottie! A few minutes after that it was time to go and I said bye to all my friends. This is when things started to turn bad. Very bad.

During the ten minute ride home things were getting kinda weird in my tummy and I decided to lie down. My mom thought this was strange because she asked me if I had finally learned how to ride in the car like a grown up. I was going to say something but my win was turning into a not-so-win very quickly. When we got home I didn't even want to jump out of the car on my own. My mom started looking at me funny as she helped me out of the car. When I got inside the house I didn't do my usual beating up of Alven routine but went right to the couch to lie down. I think my mom thought I was just tired because she patted my head and said that the park had finally "tuckered me out." If that means make me feel icky then she was right. After that she went and got our dinner ready and called us over to eat. I was so sick I didn't even want to go over. A definite first for me. This made my mom worried and she and my dad did a lot of whispering and looking in my direction. Finally my dad coaxed me over but I couldn't even sit up very well and just wanted to lie down. My dad said something about me maybe having to go to the bathroom so my mom took me outside again. This was a very good idea because as soon as I got outside I had diarrhea and started throwing up. This made my mom very worried I could tell. We went back inside and my mom called the emergency room. I don't know what they said, but a few minutes later my mom bundled me up in a towel and we were back in the car. I tried to tell her the last place I wanted to be was in something that moved but no one listened as my dad rushed us through the expressway.

Finally we got to the clinic. It smelled like my vet's office so I figured this was the place my brother Flash said they always take him when he gets sick at night. They put us a in a room and pretty soon a nice lady came in and patted my head as she talked to my parents. Then she stuck something up my butt and I didn't think she was that nice anymore. After doing that she told my parents I had a 104.6 fever and that normal was 100. They ran all kinds of tests on me and even took some blood and poop. That was not fun at all. The lady told my parents that I had a very bad bacterial infection. Normally there are two kinds of bacteria in my tummy she said and it should be a 1 to 1 ratio. Mine was 30 to 1. This she said was bad. She also said I had a rare yeast which I must have gotten by eating something that was contaminated by fox or raccoon poop. I do not eat poop I told her! All I ate was some grass at the doggy park, jeez. She said that raccoons and foxes go into doggy parks at night to eat the dog poop that owners don't pick up. Then they poop and contaminate the grass. My mom looked very worried when she heard that.

After that bit of news I got two big injections. Ouch! And then they even put a bunch of liquid underneath my skin. Ewww! I looked like I had some kind of hunchback. What was everyone at the doggy park going to say??? Thankfully the lady said my body should absorb it by the next day. With all the prodding and the liquid bump on my back I was pretty tired and ready to go home. I was glad when my mom finally took me out of there. On the ride home I felt a bit better and was able to sleep and when I got home I went straight to my crate. My dad told my mom to go to bed because it was 12 AM but he stayed up and kept looking into my crate to make sure I didn't throw up again. This morning I felt a lot better. I was even ready to get back to beating up Alven. The sad news is that my mom said we can't go back to the dog park for a while. The other bad news is that my mom now started shoving some kind of pill down my throat. I think she's trying to finish me off. At least she got me some nice organic yogurt. She says it's to replenish my good bacteria. I just care that it's tasty.

So now you know why we weren't able to give you an update yesterday. But I'm back now and better than ever. I'm feeling so good that anyone who wants to come over and spring me out of this joint for a trip to the doggy park is welcome! I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind...


  1. Feel better and please stop eating things that look weird!

    Love you dad

  2. Oh no. Fox & Racoon poop sounds scary. We are always digging and eating the dirt.
    Hope your tummy feels better soon Dottie and you get back to the dog park.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. I am glad you are feeling better, Dotters. I doubt this will teach you not put strange things in your mouth. Hopefully you will grow out of this phase quickly!

    Aunt Nati

  4. Dottie you have to start getting more picky about what you put in your mouth. Good you are better.