Thursday, September 24, 2009

Again with the camera in my face?

Now we would like to start this post by saying that we love our mom. She is a lovely person. We really mean that. But she has this thing about shoving a camera in our face all the time. Seriously, like ALL THE TIME! We know that pictures are an important part of the blog, but how many pictures does she really need? And, how many people need to see Flash sleeping all the time? I mean, sure that's pretty much all he does, but still. I think we're going to start calling her the pup-arazzi.

Mom, do we need to have the personal space talk again?

Remember, how we said my naps were my special alone time?

And, no it doesn't count if you sneak up on me quietly and take the flash off the camera...

Please, we ask that you respect our privacy.

We just want to live normal lives like everyone else!

Dottie! Stop grinning into the camera! We're suppose to want our privacy.


Hi there! This is my good side. Yea, my whole face is my good side.


  1. Dottie! Dottie any comment on the day you were in the hospital? Is it true you are on drugs?

    Mr. Alven we hear things about you being a killer of lizards is this true?

    Mr Flash thank you for calling and telling us were to find these to criminals!!



  2. Well guys, Im said to say it in your mom's genetic pool. You might not have realized this but your grandma is even worse! She is soo bad she takes pictures of humans too! Its a terrible family affliction.


    Aunt Nati

  3. You guys are just so sweet. We love seeing your pictures.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love Ruby & Penny