Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monster Under My Bed!

This afternoon I was sitting on my bed and chatting on the phone when I heard something very peculiar. A thump, thump, thump sound was coming from under my bed! I paused and listened. Sure enough I heard it again. Thump, thump, thump. What could it be? Was it possible that now in my late twenties the boogy man had finally decided to pay me a visit? And why at 1:15 in the afternoon? As I pondered this I felt the mattress give a lurch on the left side. Cautiously I slipped off the bed and crawled over to that side of the room. Before I turned the corner to look under the bed I took a deep breath and prepared myself for whatever might be lurking in there. And when I opened my eyes the most fierce of all monsters lay waiting to pounce and attack me from the mysterious depths underneath my bed! AAAHHHH!

After I stopped screaming like a little girl I ran to get the camera in order to document this most fierce and gruesome monster.

This is the rare puppy/lion variety of monster. None has ever been captured on film.

After trying to coax her out with a treat I realized she was actually stuck!

It seems that this ferocious creature didn't take into account that the bed is a platform bed. Therefore, the frame sits only a few inches off the floor. Once it had wedged itself underneath, this particular monster, found it a bit difficult to get back out because of it' butt area.

Reinforcements were called in and the frame lifted just enough to pull her out. Did we get a thank you? Nope. But she sure did eat that treat fast once she was free.

We aren't sure what might have lured the monster underneath the bed, since there's nothing there to eat or chew on. Maybe practicing for Halloween?


  1. Scary!!!!! .... well maybe not so scary maybe more like so cute it is scary?


  2. What a sweet monster under the bed. We would love to see one under our bed.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. I told you lion taming is serious business, you should get that chair already it worked for sigfreid and roy...well sort of, but you are armed with treats too :)

    Aunt Nati

  4. You face said "I'm cool", but any body could see that your are, plain and simple, stuck. I can see the position of your leg and can't see you back. STUCK. You are cool any way.