Monday, September 28, 2009

New Dottie Proof Bed

This weekend my new bed came in. My mom and dad got it for me because for some strange reason they got mad after I tore up my third doggy bed. I don't know what the big deal was. It was there. I was there. Why not do a bit of chewing and tearing???

This new bed is called a Kuranda bed. It is supposed to be chew proof. The one I got is made of poly resin and the fabric is 40 oz vinyl. How can it withstand my awesome chewing skills you ask? Good question. I asked my mom and dad the same thing. Here is what the website says:

Any place the fabric is in a position to be chewed, it is protected by a poly-resin sleeve. There are no corner gaps to bite.

That is just no fun! Believe me I already tried biting on it a few times and it just didn't work. I also tried scratching at it, but that stuff is strong. A definite party killer. The good news is that I don't sleep in my crate anymore at night. Now I am in my mom and dad's room and have my own corner of the room. I sleep on my bed very well and my mom says she is surprised at how well behaved I am at night now. Sure, when there's nothing to play with all I can do is sleep! But I got a room spot like a big girl so I guess that isn't so bad. During the day I have my mom, or dad, move the bed out to hallway so I can nap on it whenever I want. Sometimes I'll even let Flash or Alven on it. Hey, I can share!

Here I am with Alven trying it out for the first time.

In this picture I'm still not convinced it is beyond the power of my teeth.

"We'll see about that Dad," I say.

Here I have just realized that I really can't tear it up.

Please note my sad puppy eyes.

"Why are you doing this to me Dad? Don't you love me anymore?" I say.

This did not work and I did not get a new chewy bed. I will need to work on the power of my sad puppy eyes.

Dottie's Tip Of The Day:
Treasure all moments because you just don't know when the last time you'll get to chew a doggy bed will be.


  1. 1st dog bed $50 - Dead
    2nd dog bed Gift from grandmother - Dead
    3rd dog bed Flash' bed - Dead

    4th Kuranda bed still going - priceless!


  2. Dottie this bed has an advantage because you can use it as a trampoline, and that is as much fun as chewing it. Is this bed just your size?. Have fun with your new bed. it is just a matter of imagination.