Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And Alven Makes Three

Oh, hi!

Hi there you guys!

Oh my gosh this is so exciting. I don’t even know what to say. Hehehe.

Hi there!

What? Introduce myself? Oh, okay. Let see…

Hi! Um…I’m Alven. Hello!

Dottie! Stop telling me I’m doing it wrong! I’m saying hi to these here nice people. Jeez Louise! Where was I anyway?

Did I welcome everyone yet? Welcome to my post on this here nice shiny box! Hi! My name is Alven. I’m one year and three months old, and I’m a red, long haired dachshund, though my new mom says I’m more of a sable/pumpkin than a carroty red just so you know. I’m also a purebred dachshund, but not inbred like my brother Flash is always muttering. Purebred means my old mom and dad spent big buckaroos on me. Which is why my new mom and dad can’t understand why a little bit after getting me as a young pup they decided to just throw me in the backyard where I spent the rest of my puppyhood until my good friend Skip took me away and then brought me here. Because I was in the yard all the time I didn’t get a chance to do any fancy learning like my brother and sister here so I was a little behind at first. But my mom says I’m a quick learner and I’m starting to get the hang of things. I am now very good at sitting and coming when called and lying down (and giving kisses. I give those out on my own just for fun), but this whole going outside to the bathroom, and holding it over night still seems a bit odd and sometimes I do forget. Oh well, I make sure to double my kisses whenever that happens and I think it balances things out.

Also when I first came here my hair was a bit crazy like, since no one had ever brushed it. I didn’t like the idea of getting groomed anyway because my tail was very long and very tangled. But after the first time when my mom got all the tangles out it was relaxing. I now look forward to my “spa” time every night and while my mom brushes my hair I take a nice nap. I do have to say though that I don’t think my mom should do any more hair cutting. My first day here I had very long hair on my…um…rear end…and it was also very tangled and would drag everywhere. Well don’t you know my mom got the idea to go ahead and give me a haircut back there on her own! She did not realize that she should have cut it at an angle. You know, like those fancy side bangs I’ve seen on some of the mom's at the doggy park. Well she just cut straight across and the result was not very flattering at all! I was almost too embarrassed to go back to the doggy park. Thank goodness she decided to let a professional groomer take care of my tail. But I don’t hold it against her, because like me, we all have things we still need to learn.

I am having a lot of fun here in my new home and it is nice to live inside I found out. I love my dad and mom because they pay attention to me and give me hugs and kisses (which I return of course). I also like having a brother and sister; especially a sister. She is great fun and we are always playing. I mean sometimes she is a little pushy and gets my hair all slobbery, but I don’t mind. My brother Flash is very serious and when we first met he barked at me, but I knew he didn’t mean it. So I just waited and soon enough he came around like I knew he would. Now we sometimes share a doggy bed. We’re all going to be the best of friends. I also love my toys and new crate with a cushioned mat. It’s super comfy. I also like to follow my mom around and when she’s working here at the shiny box, or washing my food bowl I like to lie down next to her feet. She says I make a very good foot warmer. I always knew I had hidden talents! Yep, I am really living the fancy life now.

Well I think that’s all I’ll say for now since we’re getting ready to go for our walk and there is this tree outside with my name on it. It’s been real nice talking with everyone and saying hi. I hope to talk to you all soon. Okay, I better go now. Oh, and I hope you’re all well. This was fun, right? Okay, bye now! Oh, and don’t be shy to drop me a line. I’ll be sure to get my mom to read it to me.

Dottie! Stop tugging on my leg. I’m saying my good byes! No, I'm not just blabbering on. Jeepers!

All right then, see ya! Take care! Bye now! Do come back and visit!

Oh and...(computer mysteriously turned off. Dottie seen fleeing the scene)

Alven’s Tip of the Day:
Kisses are always appropriate!


  1. Alven your just too cute try not to drool on the computer!


  2. Alven you are the middle man and that is a very important job. Keeping the hyper one busy and giving company and some social skill to the serious one.
    Every one of you have a job. Glad you are happy with yours and your family.