Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing Dottie!!!

Hi! It's me DOTTIE!!!

Before we go on I hope you know that you've just met the best dog EVER!

I am five months old, almost going on 6 months (next week), so I'm basically grown up now. I am super duper smart too. Oh yes, everyone thinks so. Well maybe not the people who put me in a shelter in Georgia and then had me shipped here to Florida, but who cares about them? They were probably big dumb heads anyway. But my mom and dad saw that I was the best and that's why they brought me home with them. At first I was kind of sick so I had to stay in the front part of the house and wasn't allowed to run around and stuff. But now I'm all better and I've had a lot of work to do getting everyone in line. No one seems to understand that I'm here to take charge and be the boss. But I'm sure they'll start coming around soon.

In the meantime I am very busy with all my projects. The first thing on my list is to make sure I find all the blankets in the house and give them a good chew. It's hard work because people keep trying to stop me. But I don't give up because I love all things chewy. I love my Kong and my bones because they are rubbery and great fun to just gnaw on. I also LOVE my new brother Alven because he is the best chew toy ever! My favorite part to chew are his legs! We have great fun playing and wrestling and he likes it when I chew on him and get him all slobbery. Really, it's true! My older brother Flash he doesn't like it when I play rough with him so I don't try and get him to play any more. He's kind of boring like that. Oh well too bad for him.

My other life project is tasting as many things as I can. I'm always finding new things on the floor and giving them a good once over in my mouth. This is part of my exploring technique but people are always yelling at me to "leave it" and then prying it out of my mouth. Hey, find your own dead worm is what I tell them! I'm not going to do all the work and then you get the fun part. No way. See? I have to be strict with them or they'll get out of hand.

Well that's enough for now because I have to go. I am very busy right now. I have to go beat up Alven, then play with my kong, then get them to give me my dinner, then go outside and find a worm for my after dinner snack and then if I have time before I go to bed beat up Alven again. I really stayed too long already. Bye!

Dottie's Tip of the Day:
Do as I say! Go get me a dead worm and my kong!


  1. You are adorable Dottie. I like your happy personality. Welcome to the family

  2. I love you my dottiecans! Mua