Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flash's One Week Update

Good evening everyone. As you know I've been focusing on my recovery this week so I let my siblings do a bit of blogging of their own to tide you over while I was away. Now I'm back and ready to give you my one week update.

Last Wednesday I came back home from the vet after a two day visit to try and determine what was going on inside me that was giving me so many problems. When I got back I was still a bit weak and on top of that I had also pulled a muscle. Very distressing indeed. Lots of bed rest and fluffy blankets were prescribed as well as some nice duck meatballs my mom gives me. Though...I haven't told her yet but I think there's something weird about those meatballs. They have the strangest crunchy center. Hmm...peculiar. Anyway, as you might have noticed a lot of my posts were of me lying down and resting, and just overall trying to get better. I stuck to a strict regiment of a new fluffy blanket every four to six hours and I think that's what really did the trick.

I can now happily report that I am feeling much better! My muscle is just about 100% better now and my tummy is no longer giving me problems. Yesterday I was even able to take the short walk to the doggy park behind my house where I enjoyed some nice fresh air and laid out on the warm grass (toasty grass is good for the circulation you know). I didn't over exert myself but I did indulge in a wee run when I first got there just to show everyone I still have what it takes to walk on the wild side. Can't let these pups think they're the best thing since peanut butter.

My dad has a call into "the vet" tomorrow to let him know how I'm doing. I told him he should tell the good doctor that I'm doing just fine with my blankets and meatballs and he was obviously no help at all. But to show that I have no hard feelings I would be willing to let him observe my blanket treatment if he wants...and if he writes me a letter of apology for poking me to near death while I was in his care. But whatever, I don't have hard feelings...much...

Here are some more pictures of my first day out to the doggy park:

This is a picture of me and my mom. She says I'm her doggy park partner because we both like to sit and enjoy the sun. She's right.

Here I am sitting and watching my dad and the pups play. I might also be judging them just a little bit (the pups, not my dad).

Flash's Tip of the Day:
Next time you feel sick just go have a meatball.

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  1. Hmmm funny meatballs... we shall not talk about those meatballs =)