Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Decorating

Today we got a new area rug for our doggy living room. We approve because it matches so well with our coloring. I think it brings out our eyes.

And, it also keeps us from slipping on the tile when we play, but most important it brings out the color of our eyes.

It's actually meant for outdoor use, but mom and dad say it's perfect for three pups who like to chew, lick and sometimes still have pee accidents (Dottie!).

The first thing all three of us did when it arrived was give it a good sniff, and then roll around in it for a few minutes. Dottie tried to chew on it too so we could give you a complete sensory review, but that was not appreciated for some strange reason.

After all the fun it was time to do a sleeping test on it. Mom joined us for that part. We all give it five yawn stars.


  1. hilarious! love the rug, I can't imagine what shinannigans they will get into, now that they have traction!

    Aunt Nati

  2. No peee here!!!!


  3. It really is a great improvement for your playground, I said, one of your playgrounds.
    have fun.