Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back home recovering

As many might have noticed (the two people that read my blog can count as "many") I have been absent from my blogging duties for some time. There have been a lot of changes going on in my life. Some good and some not so good. Sadly though I have not been able to share my wisdom and wit with my adoring public as I have been dealing with some medical issues (this is the not so good part).

I have not been feeling well for some time and finally this week I was forced to concede defeat and allow myself to be taken to that place of horrors, the vet clinic. Just this afternoon I returned home from a two day confinement where I was prodded and poked and given some horrible liquid that caused very specific "bathroom reactions." That's all I'll say as I'm a gentlemen. I did however collect quite the entourage of adoring fans as I'm want to do wherever I go. And while I can understand their fascination with me I was not sorry part company when my mom and dad finally showed up to take me home (took them long enough too!).

However, I did want to come here and take a moment to thank everyone who has been sending me good wishes, prayers and donations to the "getting Flash back into kick ass shape" fund. All your love has not gone unnoticed and I just want you to know that next time you're in town stop by and we'll share a bowl of cool refreshing water and some apple, yogurt treats on me! Even better, I'll get my mom to take out the peanut butter from the hiding place inside the cold box and we'll share a spoonful. It'll be great. So from me to you, hugs and doggy kisses.

There is still work left to be done before the doctors are able to crack the nut that is whatever is going on with me but I know that with people like you around me I'll be back to my old self in no time. Besides I figure the worst that can happen is I become a medical mystery and get invited to do the morning talk show circuit, meet Oprah and maybe get her to give me a lifetime supply of peanut butter after I make everyone cry with my puppy dog eyes.

For now I will return to my doggy bed where my mom has set up a trio of blanket awesomeness. She helped me set them up so that I am fully surrounded on all sides by furry goodness.

I will call it: My Cocoon of Power!

Flash's Tip of the Day:
I you all.


  1. Mr. Flash I hope you get better soon. Your family would like to see your doing what you do best be supre Cute!! mUa


  2. Flashkins, I know you will get better soon. Keep you chin up, and an eye on that peanut butter.

    Aunt Natalia and Uncle Manny